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Welcome To Lostland

Increasingly popular around the world over the past decade , escape rooms are physical adventure games which see players locked in a room where they must search for clues to solve a series of puzzles to free themselves. At LOSTLAND, you will be racing to beat the set time-limit of 60 minutes.

LOSTLAND requires logical thinking and combines both physical and intellectual aspects.

LOSTLAND is ideal for team building or a family adventure and each game should be played by groups of between two and six people. Our games are designed to challenge people of all ages, although it is advised that those under the age of 12 bring an adult along to help solve the puzzles.

No physical strength is required to solve the riddles, every clue has its own use, which, if used correctly, will see mysteries unraveled.

LOSTLAND aims to entertain people with a fun and enjoyable escape room experience.

We hope you enjoy our games and spread the word about LOSTLAND.